Art for Worship, Meditation and Celebration:

I believe that heaven and earth co-exist presently, and that the arts can provide a threshold that allows us to pass through the veiled “thin places,” moving us closer to an experience of union with God.  This belief “frames” my approach to making art that converses with the sacred.  We can be nurtured in the womb of a beautiful sacred space, gathered as community, energized for our work in the world, perhaps more aware of the sacred in the everyday.  Art can deepen the experience of the drama of liturgy that moves through that space.  Like words and music, symbols and color and texture can trigger in us a response, evoke a memory, and make manifest that which is liminal.  We can move more gracefully and easily into the interior land of our hearts, taking up the stories, teachings and unfolding cyclical patterns of our faith.  Whatever our tradition, we can seek ways of sharing our faith-walk together in a spirit of compassion, peace, and understanding, using the only language we have to express that which is beyond words.